Chicken Sexing Tips

Polish Sexing Tips

Polish chicks may take a bit longer to show signs of their sex, but there are small indicators that can help determine it. It’s often easier to see the difference when there are several chicks from the same hatch. In our Buff Laced Polish chicks, they may appear very white without lacing when young, but the lacing becomes more apparent as they grow and molt. Females tend to have more lacing than males when they are under 12 weeks old.

Male chicks develop bright pink wattles as early as 5 weeks old. Often their first feathers do not display any lacing. The laced feather appears around 16-20 weeks after their juvenile moulting. Buff laced polish offspring

Male Polish chicks develop a brighter pink color on the comb area, which is also wider and has a square edge, while females exhibit minimal pink with a triangular-shaped comb.

As they mature, male and female traits become noticeable. Males develop pinny head feathers and “saddle feathers” in front of the tail, while females will have rounded feathers all around.

The sexing tips provided on the website are based on our experiences with offspring from our specific bloodlines. Each bloodline carries its own unique genetics, leading to variations in traits and development rates. Therefore, we advise using our suggestions as general guidelines only.

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