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Sexed chicks : Auto Sexing and Sex Linked breed

What is Sex-Linked or Auto Sexing breed?

Sex-linked and auto-sexing breeds are specific types of poultry breeds that possess distinctive traits or characteristics that allow for the accurate determination of chick sex at hatch. Our sexed day-old chicks are hatched from eggs from sex-linked breeding and auto-sexing breeds, ensuring precise identification of male and female chicks based on well-defined differences between sexes.
Sex-Linked Breeding

– Sex-linked breeds are created through specific genetic crosses between two different parent breeds, resulting in offspring with visually distinguishable characteristics based on their sex.

– Typically, one sex will inherit a certain color or pattern of feathers from one parent breed, while the other sex will inherit a different color or pattern from the other parent breed. As a result, male and female chicks can be easily identified based on their feather color or pattern immediately upon hatching.

– For example if a rooster has a chocolate color and the hen is black, female chicks will hatch with chocolate coloration, while males will be black.

– Sex-linked breeding typically works for one generation. The effectiveness can vary depending on the specific genetics involved and the breeding goals. While the first generation (F1) resulting from this cross will reliably display the sex-linked traits, subsequent generations will not retain the same level of predictability. Therefore, continuous selection and controlled breeding practices may be necessary to maintain the desired sex-linked traits over multiple generations.
Auto-Sexing Breeds
– Auto-sexing breeds have been selectively bred over generations to express distinct physical characteristics that allow for sex determination at hatch without the need for genetic testing or visual inspections of the genitalia.

– These breeds typically exhibit sex-linked traits such as different feather colors, markings, or patterns that are specific to each sex.

– Unlike sex-linked breeds, which require specific genetic crosses to produce sex-linked offspring, auto-sexing breeds consistently produce chicks with visible sex-linked traits regardless of the breeding combinations.

– Auto-sexing breed chicks can be accurately sexed upon hatch if the breeding line is maintained to express the desired sexing traits. The accuracy of sexing will vary depending on the quality and consistency of the breeding line.

– Examples of auto-sexing breeds include the Cream Legbar, Welsummer, and the Barnevelder.

“Auto-Sexing Poultry Breeds,” written by Fiona McNeill,
offers valuable and in-depth information about auto-sexing. We highly recommend reading it if you are interested in learning more about this topic.

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