Chick Care Tips

All you need to know to raise chicks

We have included comprehensive instructions on how to introduce day-old chicks to a broody hen, along with guidance on raising them in a brooder, including necessary preparations, equipment, and feed. We have included all the essential information for successfully raising our chicks.

A few gears to prepare,

Raising Chicks in a Brooder

Raising chicks in a brooder involves providing them with a controlled environment that mimics the conditions under a broody hen.

Free babysitter, just watch them grow

Placing under a Broody Hen

Broody hens are resilient and introducing day-old chicks to them is a straightforward process that keeps them content as nurturing mothers.

We hope you cherish every moment of raising your chicks. While it may require some effort to care for them, the rewards are truly fulfilling. The special bond you develop with your chickens by raising them from a young age is incomparable. It’s an experience that brings joy and fulfillment, making all the effort entirely worth it in the end.