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Pip & Grow

Pip & Grow heritage chicken farm nestled in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. We are dedicated to nurturing healthy chickens within a joyful environment.

Fertile Eggs

Australia-wide Express Post with tracking, securely packaged for your peace of mind.

Dayold & Chicks

Late July to January
Vaccinated, Sexed and Un-sexed.
Waiting list open


Off heat Sexed pullets, Hens and Roosters. EOI List open

Chicken Supplies

In Stock
Chick feed and other chicken keeping related items.

Season 2024/25

Our Breeds

From the small Belgian to the grand Brahma, we offer a diverse selection of friendly breeds to cater to every backyard.

Breeding Philosophy

At Pip and Grow, we prioritize ethical breeding practices to ensure the health and well-being of our birds. Our approach includes selective breeding for desirable traits, promoting genetic diversity, and maintaining transparency in our practices.

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