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Here is additional information and insights we’ve gathered over the years that we believe will be valuable to fellow chicken keepers.

Please note that the information shared on this page is primarily based on our knowledge and experiences as a breeder with a responsibility to raise healthy birds for breeding purposes. We acknowledge that backyard chicken keepers may have different perspectives and face unique situations when caring for their chickens. As such, the decisions we make regarding the care and management of our flocks may not always align with the practices of backyard keepers.

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to raising chickens, and what works best for one flock may not necessarily be suitable for another. Therefore, we encourage readers to view the information provided as guidelines rather than strict rules.

It’s important to recognize that while we strive to share accurate and helpful information, we are not veterinarians. For any medical advice or concerns regarding the health of your chickens, we strongly recommend consulting a veterinarian who specialises in avian and poultry care. They can provide professional guidance and support tailored to your specific situation and the needs of your flock.

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