Our Story

How our journey started

Grower pens @ Littlehampton

Pip & Grow is a heritage chicken farm nestled in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, South Australia. The farm is lovingly tended by a close-knit family: Hanna, Topher, and their four growing children, along with the assistance of two loyal dogs. Our unwavering passion centers around heritage chickens, and we delight in sharing this enthusiasm with others.

Our story began as humble backyard poultry keepers, tending to our feathered friends with care and curiosity. Over the years, we’ve grown, learned, and poured our hearts and souls into Pip & Grow. What started as a hobby has blossomed into a thriving venture—one that carries immense responsibility and commitment.

Fast forward many years since the start of Pip & Grow, and our humble farm has blossomed. We boast 21 breeding pens nestled in the serene Adelaide Hills, along with 6 Brooders and 12 grower pens at our Littlehampton property, where we carefully hatch eggs and nurture chicks. Our work spans two separate properties, each adhering to strict biosecurity protocols. This ensures a safe environment for our precious chicks and growers, while simultaneously providing the best conditions for our esteemed breeders.

As of 2024, we proudly stand as one of Australia’s rare small-scale heritage breeders with an extensive poultry vaccination program covering ailments such as Marek’s disease, Coccidiosis, Mycoplasma MS/MG, ILT A20/SA2, and Coryza. Our feathered companions, affectionately known as “Our Grand Chookies”, reside in every state of Australia. They serve as starter flocks for fellow breeders and backyard enthusiasts alike.

We prioritize ethical breeding practices, ensuring the well-being, happiness, and health of our breeding birds. Our commitment to their care fills us with pride.

Livestock Keeping: It’s far from simple. The early mornings, the late nights—the rhythm of life on the farm becomes our heartbeat. Our commitment extends beyond the coop; it’s a promise to our birds. We’ve witnessed their clucks, their flaps, and their quiet moments of contentment. Their well-being is our priority.

Fertile Eggs: Within each egg lies the potential for new life. We carefully ship these fertile eggs across Australia, carrying the promise of new beginnings. Witnessing the emergence of day-old chicks from these eggs is truly magical.

Diverse Breeds: Our farm is a mosaic of breeds, each boasting its unique personality. From the graceful Belgian to the resilient Brahma, we embrace this diversity wholeheartedly. These birds are more than just livestock to us; they are cherished members of our family.

Customer Service: Our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. We strive to provide the best care for our birds and an even better service to our customers.

Pip & Grow isn’t just about chickens; it’s about community. It’s about sharing stories, tips, and the joy of watching feathers ruffle in the morning breeze. So, here’s to our clucks, our crows, and the promise of each sunrise. 

P.S. As a genuine small family business, Pip & Grow wears many hats. From customer service and inquiries to order processing, chicken care, shipping, social media management, and website upkeep, it’s all in our capable hands. Although there may be times when we make mistakes or respond slowly, rest assured that we are committed to addressing your needs as promptly as possible.

Kind regards,
Hanna & Topher from Pip & Grow