Breeding Philosophy

Things we do differently at Pip & Grow

Sourcing Breeding Stock

Our breeding birds are hatched from fertile eggs sourced from various locations across Australia. We do not purchase live birds for breeding purposes. Our birds are hatched, vaccinated, and raised within our own facilities. We carefully monitor their growth and development, ensuring that only healthy chicks without genetic faults are kept. This allows us to observe the differences between bird lines, track their growth, and learn more about the breed. While it may take more time, cost, and effort to raise our birds to breeding age compared to buying a ready-to-breed team, we value the deep understanding we have of each bird from a young age. This personal connection, along with knowing their strengths and weaknesses, is something we cherish and believe sets our breeding program apart. Our birds are more than just breeding stock to us. Read more

Vaccination Schedule

We maintain a thorough vaccination schedule for our breeders for two main reasons: 1. To protect them from diseases and 2. To prevent the transmission of diseases to chicks through fertile eggs. Our vaccination choices are made based on expert advice from veterinarians and poultry vaccine professionals, ensuring that our birds receive the most effective protection against potential illnesses.

Breed from the Strongest

To address other diseases and illnesses, we prioritize breeding from birds with robust genetics and natural resistance, enabling them to pass on strong antibodies to future generations and strengthen our genetic line. We refrain from using antibiotics for respiratory illnesses, instead providing supportive care to allow the bird’s immune system to naturally recover. Additionally, we avoid breeding from birds that have exhibited neurological symptoms, even post-recovery, as these traits can potentially be passed on to subsequent generations.

Genetic Diversity

In our breeding program, we place a high importance on genetic diversity. We source multiple lines from various breeders and selecting the best, rather than relying on in-breeding among siblings from a single line. Bloodlines not only exhibit visible traits, but also harbor hidden qualities such as disease resistance and antibodies that can prove beneficial for future generations.

Maturity of the birds

We refrain from breeding young pullets. While we may gather eggs from first-season breeders, we require birds to be at least 11 months old and lay eggs of appropriate size for hatching. Genetic variations can result in some hens producing larger eggs than others of the same breed and age. To prevent any confusion, we will explicitly outline these criteria in our descriptions.

High Quality Feed & Care

All our breeders receive Laucke Showbird MP breeder pellets and fresh, clean water throughout the year. Additionally, they are routinely provided with nutritional supplements and Probiotics. Treats like fermented grains, seeds, and scratch mix are provided. We emphasize high-quality feed and ensure each pen has outdoor times. We have a dedicated garden bed where we grow greens for our chooks to scratch around in. Our birds are regularly treated for worms, and preventative measures for mites and lice are given.

Breed to Standard

Our goal is to breed within the guidelines of the Australian Poultry Standards. While there may be occasions where we make exceptions, we do so within reasonable limits. In such cases, we remain transparent about any traits or genetic throwbacks present in our birds so that customers know what to expect and can make informed decisions before purchasing.

Breeder’s Well-Being

Each of our breeding pens measures 2.5m x 5m, totaling 12.5 square meters of space. We maintain a maximum of 10 birds per pen, although we often have around 5-8 birds in each. Our pens are thoughtfully designed, with full roofing and excellent ventilation, as well as mesh covering from top to bottom. This ensures our chickens are protected from the elements, wild birds, rodents, and other predators. We maintain strict cleanliness standards, with weekly pen cleanings, quarterly bedding turnover, and regular sanitization using approved sanitizers. Additionally, our breeders enjoy foraging time in rotation, exploring our dedicated garden beds within our fully fenced farm.


We have implemented strict biosecurity protocols on both properties. Dedicated footwear is used within the farm, and a foot bath is utilized upon entry. Visitors are not permitted without our authorization to maintain the safety of our birds and prevent the spread of poultry diseases. Our commitment to biosecurity is paramount in safeguarding our flock.

We Don’t Exhibit

While we strive to adhere to Australian Poultry Standards when selecting our breeders, we do not participate in bird exhibitions or breed specifically for show purposes. We characterize our birds as Excellent backyard quality with potential.”

We hold great admiration for the dedication and passion of poultry exhibitors, as they are the heart of Australia’s poultry community, setting standards and inspiring many keepers. However, exposing our birds to large gatherings with hundreds of other birds poses significant biosecurity risks. As responsible breeders committed to providing quality fertile eggs and birds to our customers, we must be cautious of the various poultry diseases that can be transmitted, including those carried by seemingly healthy birds known as “silent carriers.” This risk could potentially lead to the spread of disease within our flock upon their return to our farm.

While some of our customers have successfully exhibited our line of birds and we have incorporated lines from exhibitors, we want to clarify that we do not breed for exhibition purposes. Therefore, we do not claim our birds to be of “Exhibition quality” nor guarantee that all offspring will possess breeding quality traits. Read more

NO Cheap Chickens

We prioritize the well-being and happiness of our chickens over cost-cutting measures. Our commitment to their health is unwavering, even if it means higher expenses for us. While our prices may not be the most competitive, we choose to provide our eggs and birds to customers who appreciate the care and dedication we put into our unique approach.