Fertile Egg Waiting List 2024/25

We strongly urge you to read below details 

We generally do not maintain a waiting list for our fertile eggs prior to the season for several reasons:

a. The timing of egg laying by our chickens is unpredictable and depends heavily on Mother Nature. Some pens may start early while others may take longer.
b. We cannot guarantee fertility levels above 85-90%, which is necessary for us to offer eggs for sale. Some pens may not consistently meet this standard despite our efforts. We may not be able to offer eggs from some pen(s) at all, which happened previously.
c. We aim to avoid time wastage from non-responsive inquiries or commitments without follow-through, as fertile eggs are perishable and have limited shipping dates.

Therefore, we have chosen not to implement a waiting list. Instead, we encourage customers to utilize the “Notify Me” function available under each breed on our website. By entering your email address, you will receive a notification when we are prepared to accept orders.

However, in previous years, our main challenge has been the high demand that arises when we click the “In Stock” button at the start of the season, triggering notifications to all subscribers simultaneously, turning it into a competitive “fertile egg battleground” and some of our customers keep missing out. As of June, we currently have over 900 emails registered for this season, we needed to find another way to address the issue.

This season, we will trial a waiting list system to potentially simplify the process for our genuine customers and ourselves:
a. This way customers can have a piece of mind, no need to rush when the notification email comes in for each breed. e.g. “This one available now, the other one out of stock”
b. We will prioritize larger orders on the waiting list each week and release remaining egg quantities on the website for smaller orders. e.g. mixed dozen
c. This helps us efficiently plan our hatching numbers for dayold, brooder use, and vaccine order schedules.

How our “Waiting List” works,

– No payment is required.
Due to the uncertainty of Avian Influenza outbreaks in Australia, we may be unable to ship eggs if the situation doesn’t improve, or some pens may not meet our fertility standards. We will monitor the situation over the coming months and will be in touch a few weeks before the set dispatch date to request payment and confirm your order.
– Minimum qty per breed : 6 eggs
– Maximum qty per breed : 12 eggs
– Total maximum order quantity per order: 48 eggs (4 dozen), which can include multiple breeds. Each breed must have a minimum quantity of 6 eggs to be included in the order.
– For orders of less than 6 eggs per breed (e.g., 3 Marans, 3 Legbar, 3 Pekin, 3 Belgian), we recommend setting notifications on the fertile egg page and ordering when the season starts. Typically, small qty per breed orders like these can be filled easily weekly bases without going on the waiting lists.
– Our entire breed list – “Breed” (Click to view).
Egg prices are listed on the SHOP – “FERTILE EGG” (Click to view)
“How We Ship” (Click to view) has information about shipping, packaging including costs.

We have dedicated ourselves to our website over the past months, striving to provide all the information we would want as customers looking to purchase fertile eggs (and birds). All photos and videos are personally taken by us (hence they are not perfect), showcasing the actual breeders from our farm. This includes not just one good-looking bird, but also roosters, hens, and their living conditions, with detailed genetic notes and any potential issues. Many of these have also been shared on our Facebook page. We hope this allows our customers to make well-informed decisions when purchasing.

This system will benefit customers who genuinely plan to order eggs from us and have faith in our birds and breeding practices. We ask that those who are 100% committed to placing an order, barring unforeseen circumstances, utilize the waiting list. As the season approaches, a wide variety of eggs will become available, differing in quality, condition, and background. You may find “Faverolles” eggs that are more affordable than ours and possibly available immediately elsewhere. If you are unsure or wish to shop around, we kindly request that you do not submit a “waiting list” request at this time. Instead, you can set a notification or check our website during the season for availability.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Warm regards,

Waiting List Form

Please complete this form only if you are 100% committed to purchasing our fertile eggs in season 2024/25. We will prioritize these orders once the season starts.

Please see page “How we post” for more details.
If the waiting list includes multiple different breeds, some eggs may become available earlier or later than others. Separating orders can reduce the waiting period, but postage will be charged for each shipment.
We will do our best to accommodate your requests; however, we cannot guarantee a specific timeframe.
Total egg count NOT how many dozen.