How We Post Our Eggs

Effective packaging lays the foundation for successful hatch

We ship our orders using Australia Post Express Post. Utilizing the Australia Post Business portal, tracking details are managed and updated by Australia Post. You will receive these tracking updates via the email address you have provided.

Fresh & Clean Eggs

We always prioritize shipping the freshest eggs to our customers. *No dirty eggs will ever be shipped as we ensure cleanliness and hygiene throughout the packaging process. Before packaging, all eggs undergo candling to check for air sac integrity, blood spots, and any hairline cracks or damage.

Every Egg Matters

We take great care in packaging our eggs to ensure their safe arrival. Each egg is individually wrapped with bubble wrap and surrounded by layers of tissues for added protection. The eggs are then securely placed in egg cartons with the pointy end down.

Filling in the Box

Each egg carton is individually bubble wrapped for added cushioning and placed in the middle of the shipping box. Surrounding the egg cartons, all sides and the top of the box are filled with packing material to minimize movement. This extra padding ensures that the eggs remain secure and well-protected during shipping.

Clear Labeling

The address is printed exactly as entered during the order process and affixed to the top of the parcel. The box is securely packaged with multiple layers of “Fragile” tape and various shipping notes. For interstate orders, a custom declaration sticker is included. These measures are taken to minimize the risk of damage, ensuring that your contents arrive safely.

*Our eggs may display a line of dust marks, originating from our roll-away nest boxes. This fine dust mark occurs as eggs roll away when still wet after being laid in the box. Importantly, this does not affect the outcome of incubation and often vanishes during the incubation process.
We kindly advise against washing the eggs before incubation to preserve their natural protective coating and ensure optimal hatching conditions.

Shipping & Handling Cost

Express Post Australia wide with Tracking

1 to 6 eggs



7 to 8 eggs



9 to 12 eggs



13 to 18 eggs



9 eggs and above



– Our local post office dispatches once daily at 4 PM Adelaide time. Upon shipping your order, we’ll provide you with a photo displaying your shipment, complete with the address label and tracking barcode. This ensures you can easily track your package and anticipate its arrival. Please be aware that Australia Post sometimes skips the scanning process to expedite delivery. Consequently, tracking details may not update until the parcel reaches its destination airport, transit point, or depot. During this time, the tracking status may appear as “We’ve got it” or “We’ve received it,” and it may seem like the package is stationary at one place for several days. However, once the parcel arrives at the destination airport, all tracking information will typically update simultaneously, and the estimated arrival time may be adjusted to an earlier date than initially indicated.

– Unfortunately, we cannot offer a precise arrival estimate for your parcel, as it depends on the destination zone (Zone 1 – 3) and the workload at your local Australia Post depot. Typically, most orders across Australia are express posted on Mondays, arriving for customers by Wednesday to Thursday. Orders dispatched on Tuesdays generally arrive by Fridays. However, it’s important to note that unexpected delays can occur.

– Once the parcel leaves our hands, it is strictly the customer’s responsibility to follow up on its progress, collect it upon arrival, and lodge any necessary enquiries or claims for loss or damage with Australia Post if required. We recommend actively monitoring the tracking information using Australia Post App or email link and promptly addressing any issues that may arise to ensure the successful delivery of your parcel.