Damaged On Arrival Guarantee

We’ve got you covered

*Damaged On Arrival refers to any visible external damage to the egg(s) upon arrival, such as physical breakage, hairline cracks, or leakage, rendering them unsuitable for incubation. This term does not encompass internal damage, like a detached air cell.
How To Claim

We make every effort to ensure the safe delivery of our fertile eggs and minimize shipping damage. However, in the event that your egg(s) arrive physically damaged, we’re here to assist you.

Please contact us within 6 hours via the order confirmation email (by replying) and include the following details:

Photo 1: Showing the entire parcel and packaging.
Photo 2: Close-up of the damaged eggs with our stamp “Pip & Grow.”

Example of the photo – Hairline crack on eggs upon arrival.

Additionally, customers can lodge a claim with Australia Post. Express Post covers up to $100 for lost or damaged parcels using our invoice and photos provided via the dispatch notice email.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.