Chicken Sexing Tips

Pekin Sexing Tips

Pekin Chicks are easy to sex around 4-6 weeks old. by complaring comb size, colour and wattle development.

Males typically develop comb and wattles faster, displaying a bright pink coloration, while females tend to show only a pale pink hue. – Buff pekin offspring from Lemon & Buff cuckoo pen

By 10-12 weeks of age, the difference in comb and wattle development becomes quite noticeable. Millefleur and Porcelain offspring

These sibling Pekin chicks are from the same hatch. The female is Millefleur, and the male is Porcelain. The color difference between them is not related to their sex but rather reflects the genetic variation inherited from their parent birds.

The sexing tips provided on the website are based on our experiences with offspring from our specific bloodlines. Each bloodline carries its own unique genetics, leading to variations in traits and development rates. Therefore, we advise using our suggestions as general guidelines only.

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