Pen 1. Millefleur and Porcelain
Pen 2. Black and Blue Mottled
Pen 3. Lemon Cuckoo and Buff
  • Originated from Asia
  • Mature weight is under 1kg
  • Moderate maturing – first eggs around 7 months.
  • Small – Medium sized cream/white coloured eggs, expected to lay between 100-120 per year.
  • Broodiness – High
  • Maintenance – Low

Pekin is a fantastic breed for young families in urban environments, well known for its charming appearance and friendly demeanor. They originated in Asia and has become popular worldwide for its ornamental value and suitability for backyard flocks.

One of the most appealing features of Pekin is their friendly and docile temperament. They are known to be gentle and sociable birds, making them suitable for families with children and other pets. Their smaller size also makes them easier to handle and care for compared to larger breeds.

Pekins come in a variety of colors, with each color variety adding to their visual appeal. Their feathering is often soft and fluffy, giving them a charming and cuddly appearance. While they are primarily kept for ornamental purposes, they are also capable of laying small to medium-sized eggs.
They are renowned for their excellent mothering instincts and often eagerly embrace the role of being mothers every spring. When broody, they exhibit a strong nurturing behavior, diligently sitting on their eggs to hatch and then attentively caring for their chicks once they arrive. Their gentle and attentive nature makes them well-suited for raising chicks, and many poultry keepers appreciate their reliability and dedication as mothers.

Pekins are generally considered hardy birds, capable of tolerating a range of environmental conditions. They have a dense plumage that provides insulation against cold temperatures, making them well-suited for cooler climates. However, while they can tolerate colder weather quite well, they may be more susceptible to heat stress in hot climates due to their dense feathering. Providing ample shade, access to cool water, and proper ventilation in their housing can help mitigate heat-related issues during warmer months. Pens should also be designed to prevent becoming muddy, considering their heavily feathered feet.

Our Pekin lineage traces back to Venessa @Chirpy Chickens Poultry, who dedicated years to breeding. Her original bloodlines were sourced from esteemed exhibitors and breeders across Australia, including the Selline family, Jamie Martin, Christian Woodward, Blooming Pekin, and many more. With a legacy of selective breeding, we inherited three of her treasured breeding groups to continue her work when she had to cease her poultry journey.

Please see Pekin – Open Poultry Standard Australia for more info and breed standards.


Pekin Chicks

Pekin chicks are incredibly adorable with their fluffy appearance and small size. They typically have soft downy feathers that come in various colors, including yellow, buff, black, or white, depending on the variety.

Black and Blue Mottled chicks hatch with an almost white base, featuring striking black and blue spots scattered across their bodies, creating an eye-catching appearance. Millefleur chicks display a charming range of shades, from soft yellow to light brown, with some showcasing a subtle touch of grey, adding to their unique charm. Porcelain chicks hatch in creamy yellow, completing the diverse and delightful palette of colors within these breeds.

Lemon and Buff Cuckoo chicks emerge from their shells in a delightful shade of yellow. Interestingly, there is no initial difference in feather color between the buff and lemon cuckoo chicks upon hatching. However, as they grow, a distinct contrast becomes evident around 4 to 5 weeks of age

Cuckoo Chicks (left) will develop white lines on their wing feathers, creating a striking pattern against their yellow plumage. In contrast, buff chicks(right) will exhibit solid-colored feathers, maintaining a more uniform appearance.

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