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*Minimum order 4 chicks
– it can be mixed bundle of 4 different breeds or one type as long as total number of chick is 4 or more.

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Unsexed chicks
The ratio of male chicks in our “Unsexed” batches can vary widely, ranging from 0 to 100%.
On average, our customers typically receive a ratio of 40-60% male and female chicks, but there have been instances where an entire batch purchased turned out to be all male or all female. Unfortunately, in instances where the entire batch picked up turns out to be all males, we sometimes receive unwarranted blame. As much as we wish we could control the gender outcome, it ultimately depends on nature’s chance and the luck of the draw.

We want to ensure that all our customers fully understand this variability before making a purchase. If you’re not comfortable with this level of uncertainty, we kindly advise against purchasing our “Unsexed” chicks.

More info available – Heritage chick sexing

Sexed chicks
Our sexed chicks are hatched from either Auto-sexing or Sex-Linked color breeding pen eggs. Upon hatching, chicks display distinct colors and markings based on their sex, enabling us to accurately determine their gender by appearance.

More info available – Auto sexing and Sex linked breeding

Chick care tips include details on how to introduce day-old chicks to a broody hen and raising chicks in a brooder. Please click her to view.

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Mauve Bantam Orpington – Sexed Female, Welsummer – Sexed Female, Cream Legbar – Sexed Female, Brahma Blue & Gold Partridge, Brahma Pyle, Pekin Blue/Black Mottled, Pekin Frizzle Blue/Black Mottled, Pekin Buff / Lemon Cuckoo, Pekin Millefleur, Silkie Showgirl Blue/Black/Splash, Wyandotte Blue/Gold/Splash, Blue/Splash/Black bantam orpington, Buff Orpington Standard, Polish Frizzle, Polish, Chocolate Bantam Orpington, Marans -Black/Blue, Speckled Sussex, Araucana Blue/lavender, Splash, Black