Unique Bantam Fertile egg (each)

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These eggs are collected from a pen housing a Chocolate Bantam Orpington rooster crossed with Polish Frizzle, Silkies, and Pekins. This breeding combination produces an adorable mix of bantam cross breeds with unique appearances + chance of frizzle. Majority chicks can be sexed upon hatch (chocolate sex linked colour breeding) please see details below.

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Chick sexing guide

We have chocolate bantam orpington rooster (sex-linked colour) in this pen, which enables us to determine the sex of the chicks hatched from these eggs based on their color at hatch.

  • Pekin eggs will hatch: Chocolate female / Black male
  • Silkie eggs will hatch: Chocolate & Mauve female / Blue & Black male
  • Polish Frizzle egg will hatch: White male or female, Chocolate female / Black male with the possibility of hatching something unknown. There is a chance of frizzle.

Sex link colour breeding information (click to view)

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