Egg Collection & Id Code

How we manage our egg quality

– Our eggs are collected over a four-day period before being dispatched. Interstate orders shipped on Monday and Tuesday are fulfilled with eggs collected from the previous Thursday to Monday morning. To streamline our process and focus on delivering quality, we do not individually date each egg. Given our volume—over 130 eggs daily during peak season—it’s more efficient for us to incubate any unsold or older eggs on a weekly basis for us, as we also offer dayold and pullets during hatching season.

– As we detail in our Hatching Tips (Click to view), that an egg’s embryo begins to develop with the start of incubation, not at the time of laying. It means the countdown to viability starts with you, not us. Based on studies, the fertility of our eggs, as it starts to decline after 10-14 days from the date they are laid.

– Each egg undergoes a thorough inspection for any signs of cracks or damage, and every egg is individually stamped as a mark of our commitment to quality.

– Upon collection, we label each egg to identify the pen it was collected from, ensuring there is no mix-up. Our egg identification codes are as follows:

Egg Identification Codes

Standard & Large Breeds

O : Buff Orpington
CM : Copper Marans
CL : Cream Legbar Auto Sexing
WS : Welsummer Auto Sexing
SPS : Speckled Sussex
BG : Brahma Gold & Blue Partridge
BP : Brahma Pyle
FV : Faverolles Salmon
WY : Wyandotte Blue laced red & Gold laced
A : Araucana Crested & Crestless
BCS : Barnyard Cross Standard

Bantam & Small Standard Breeds

CO : Chocolate Orpington
BO : Blue/Splash Orpington
MO : Mauve/Blue Orpington *Colourlink auto sexing
PB : Pekin Black/Blue Mottled with frizzle
PM : Pekin Millefleur
PL : Pekin Buff & Lemon Cuckoo
P : Polish Buff laced with frizzle
DU : Belgian d’Uccle Porcelain & Millefleur
SS : Silkie & Showgirl Blue, Splash & Black
SP : Silkie buff, golden & partridge
BP : Bantam project pen with chocolate colourlink