Chicken Sexing Tips

Bantam Orpington Sexing Tips

Bantam Orpington can typically be readily sexed around 6-8 weeks old by comparing comb size, color, and wattle development.

As early as 6 weeks old, male Bantam Orpington chicks typically exhibit noticeably larger and thicker wattles compared to females. – Hatched from blue and splash bantam orpington pen fertile eggs

Chocolate Bantam Orpington males tend to have a lighter feather color than females when they are young, until they go through their 2nd molting around 20 weeks of age. The males will have the same shade once they mature; the difference in shade is only noticeable when they are young. – Hatched from Chocolate bantam Orpington pen fertile eggs

The sexing tips provided on the website are based on our experiences with offspring from our specific bloodlines. Each bloodline carries its own unique genetics, leading to variations in traits and development rates. Therefore, we advise using our suggestions as general guidelines only.

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