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Supplier List – Australia wide

Here’s a list of our trusted suppliers who provide us with a variety of poultry goods. We’ve only included the ones we’ve personally worked with – no paid promotions, just genuine recommendations!

Following companies have online store and offer Australia wide shipping

Aussie Chook Supplies (VIC):

A comprehensive supplier based in Victoria offering a wide range of poultry gear, from incubators to medications. Their website provides extensive product information and they are proud distributors of Brinsea products and Exzolt, known for its effectiveness in controlling red mites in chickens. The customer service, particularly Christine, has been exceptional from the initial ordering stage and continued post-purchase support.

Nestyboxes (SA):
Based in South Australia, Nestyboxes offers a unique range of specialty feed blocks, treats, supplements, and custom-made insulated nesting boxes. Our chooks enjoyed their pecking feed block and chicken green seed mix, and found their team to be great to deal with.

Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital online store (VIC):
This online store provides access to essential products like Exzolt for mite control and Flubenol for worming, known for their safety and effectiveness. While these products are highly regarded, they can be expensive and typically come in large quantities, making them less cost-effective for small backyard operations. However, this store offers these products in smaller quantities, which are more suitable for backyarders, dispensed in smaller volumes by veterinarian.

The Goodlife Backyard (QLD):
Located in Queensland, The Goodlife Backyard provides a wide range of poultry products. Their clearance section often features random bargains worth checking out.

Bellsouth (VIC):
Bellsouth, based in Victoria, is a distributor of Rcom incubators and offers a range of Allfarm animal products, supplements, and poultry farming and processing equipment.

Greatlander (QLD):
Greatlander, based in Queensland, specializes in brooder heat pads, tabletop to large commercial incubators, and processing equipment designed by Bob Peel and made in Australia. They provide excellent support and promptly resolve any issues.

The Farmers Mailbox (VIC):
Woonona Petfood & Produce (NSW):
Above listed companies offer wide range of farm animal products, offers competitively priced items with reasonably priced shipping.

Reptile Direct Australia (NSW):
Reptile Direct Australia offers a great range of bird and reptile supplements, heat lamps, ceramic heat globes, and is a Passwell stockist. While shipping may be slightly slower and communication challenging at times, their prices are very competitive, and we’ve made multiple purchases over the years without any issues. Facebook is not active.

Adelaide / Adelaide Hills

Hills Farm Supplies (Mount Barker) :
It is your one-stop shop for all farm animal needs. From horses to chickens, they offer a wide range of supplies, including feed, medication, and nesting boxes. This friendly family business ensures personalized service. Mention “Pip & Grow” for extra care !

Lobethal Fodder Store (Lobethal) :
Another well known fodder shop in the hills. They even have seedlings, planters and homewares!

Angle Vale Hardware & Fodder (Angle Vale) :
Best price Laucke Mill feed in SA.

Shell Grit Suppliers in SA
Jackson’s Supplies (Two Wells)
Clay & Mineral (Golden Grove)
Newton building & Landscape Supplies (Newton)

We will update the lists as we find more records, Feel free to share your recommendation if you know any good business.

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