Large Standard, Blue/Gold and Pyle

Pen 1. Pyle (Splash)
Pen 2. Blue and Gold Partridge

Pen 1 – Pyle (Splash) breeder
Pen 2 – Blue Partridge breeder

  • Originated from Asia,
  • Mature weight is under 3.5 – 5kg
  • Fast growing, but slowmaturing – first egg around 7-8 months
  • Large – Extra large sized light brown coloured eggs, expected to lay between 150-200 per year.
  • Broodiness – Mid to high
  • Maintenance – Low

The Brahma chicken is a majestic and impressive breed known for its large size, gentle temperament, and striking appearance. Originating from Asia, specifically from the Brahmaputra region in India, Brahma chickens were first introduced to the United States in the mid-19th century and quickly gained popularity for their desirable traits. Brahmas are among the largest chicken breeds.

They have a broad, muscular build with feathered legs and feet, giving them a substantial and regal appearance. One of the most distinctive features of Brahma chickens is their striking plumage. They come in three recognized color varieties: Light, Dark, and Buff. Light Brahmas have a predominantly white body with black hackle and tail feathers.

Despite their large size, Brahma chickens are known for their gentle and docile temperament. They are typically calm and easygoing, making them excellent additions to backyard flocks and suitable for families with children. They are also cold-hardy birds, thanks to their heavy feathering and insulating down, although they may not fare as well in extremely hot climates.

In addition to their friendly disposition, Brahma chickens are also valued for their egg-laying abilities. While they may not lay as many eggs as some smaller breeds, they are consistent layers of large brown eggs, making them a practical choice for home egg production. They are good foragers but not very flighty. It is best to have adequate space in the coop, run and nesting boxes. They are not aggressive by nature, tend to be timid and don’t often stand up for themselves. They do get along with other breeds reasonably well.

Overall, the Brahma chicken is prized for its combination of size, beauty, temperament, and productivity, making it a beloved breed among poultry enthusiasts. Whether for their imposing presence, gentle nature, or reliable egg-laying, Brahma chickens continue to capture the hearts of poultry keepers everywhere.

The gentle Giants! Brahma is quiet, friendly, docile, calm and easy to handle. They may look big and can appear intimidating but they are non-aggressive, friendly, docile, calm and easy to handle. Such a hug-gable breed.

We maintain two Brahma groups: Gold and Blue Partridge. Offspring from both pens can exhibit either color. The Pyle, or “Splash,” pen birds, stemming from Luke Price’s blue partridge lineage, produce splash offspring. Both pen birds carry UK import Bloodline

  Please see Brahma – Open Poultry Standard Australia for more info and breed standards.  

Brahma Chicks

Day-old Brahma “Pyle” chicks hatch with a light gold-based coloration, often featuring charming freckles and markings.

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