Speckled Sussex Standard Fertile egg (each)


Speckled Sussex are a delightful and visually striking breed known for their beautiful speckled plumage and friendly disposition. These hardy birds are known for their docile temperament and excellent egg-laying capabilities which make them great additions to backyard flocks or family farms.

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  • Originated from Sussex, England
  • Mature weight around 3 -5 (rooster)kg
  • Fast to moderate maturing – first egg around 7 months
  • Medium – large light brown coloured eggs 200 – 250 eggs per year
  • Broodiness – Low
  • Maintenance – Low

The Speckled Sussex chicken is a heritage breed known for its striking appearance, friendly temperament, and reliable egg production. Originating from Sussex, England, this breed has been cherished by poultry enthusiasts for centuries.

Speckled Sussex chickens are medium-sized birds with a sturdy build and attractive plumage. They have a distinct pattern of black or dark brown speckles against a rich mahogany or red background, giving them a vibrant and eye-catching appearance. Their feathers are often described as lustrous and glossy, adding to their appeal. In addition to their visual appeal, Speckled Sussex chickens are valued for their dual-purpose qualities. They are excellent egg layers, producing large brown eggs consistently throughout the year. Additionally, they have a well-developed carcass, making them suitable for meat production as well.

One of the standout characteristics of Speckled Sussex chickens is their friendly and docile nature. They are known for being calm and easy to handle, making them suitable for backyard flocks and family settings. They are also active foragers and enjoy exploring their environment, making them well-suited for free-range environments.

Our Speckled Sussex breeding program comprises selected breeders sourced from diverse bloodlines across VIC, NSW, and SA. Our selection criteria adhere closely to Australian Poultry Standards, We strictly avoid breeding from birds with split chests and white earlobes, which are common issues among Australian Sussex breeders.

Please see Sussex – Open Poultry Standard Australia for more info and breed standards.

More info found on Breeds – Speckled Sussex page


Potential Speckled Sussex Genetic Throwback

Our current season’s breeding stock originates from three distinct bloodlines, all exhibiting correct “White” leg coloration. However, we’ve excluded one bird from our breeding program due to the presence of “Yellow” legs, a result of inheriting two copies of recessive genes. There’s a possibility that other birds from the same lineage may carry a single copy of this trait, which remains unexpressed. All our birds have been marked since hatching, allowing us to identify which lineage potentially carries this trait. We will closely monitor our offspring this season and address any issues if necessary. While this may or may not occur and may not significantly impact backyard keeping, we’re providing this note ahead of the season “Just in case” for experienced breeders to be aware.
More info “What is genetic throwback?”


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