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Welsummers are known for their striking appearance, with rich reddish-brown plumage adorned with black and gold markings. They are excellent egg layers, producing large, brown eggs. They have a friendly temperament and adapt well to various environments, making them popular choices for backyard flocks.

Welsummer is an auto-sexing breed. Our Welsummer line consistently produces offspring with reliable auto-sexing traits, making it easy to distinguish between male and female chicks from birth. Offspring from this group will hatch in both Silver and Gold duckwing varieties.

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  • Originated from the small village of Welsum, in the Netherlands
  • Mature weight is under 2.3 – 3.2kg
  • Fast growing, moderate maturing – first egg around 6-7 months
  • Large – Extra large sized terracotta brown, speckled eggs, expected to lay around 160-180 per year.
  • Broodiness – Low
  • Maintenance – Low


The Silver Duckwing Welsummer is a striking variety of the Welsummer chicken breed, known for its distinctive plumage and excellent egg-laying abilities. Originating from the Netherlands, Welsummers are prized for their beautiful appearance brown eggs.

The Silver Duckwing variety of Welsummer is characterized by its silver and black feathering pattern. The males typically have silver hackles and saddle feathers edged with black, while the females have a more subdued silver and black pattern overall.

In addition to their striking appearance, they are valued for their productivity. They are known to be consistent layers of large, dark brown eggs with rich yolks, making them a favorite among backyard poultry keepers and small-scale farmers.

They are friendly and docile in nature, making them suitable for both egg production and as family pets. Welsummers generally tolerate the Australian climate adequately, although they thrive better in cooler conditions given their European origin. Providing sufficient shelter for shade during the hotter seasons is advisable. Within the pecking order, they typically rank somewhere in the middle to upper positions.

Our breeders are carefully selected from bloodlines originating in VIC and TAS, ensuring precise sexing upon hatching. Currently, our hens are of the Silver duckwing variety, paired with a silver duckwing rooster carrying the Gold split gene. We selected this particular rooster for his lineage of dark-shelled eggs, which is integral to our goal of establishing our own Welsummer line. Moving forward, our focus will be on refining and developing the Silver variety exclusively with dark-shelled eggs.


Please see Welsummer – Open Poultry Standard Australia for more info and breed standards.


More info found on Breeds – Welsummer page


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