Standard Buff Orpington Fertile egg (each)


Buff Orpington is a beloved heritage breed known for its gentle nature, striking golden-buff plumage, and excellent egg-laying capabilities. Renowned for their docile temperament and suitability for families with children, these chickens are easy going and adapt well to various climates.

Our breeder’s bloodline proudly includes esteemed names such as Sonya Ford, Hayden Vincent, and Chirpy Chicken Poultry. Since 2021, we’ve been selectively breeding this beautiful breed, which remains one of our children’s favorites.

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  • Originated from Orpington, England
  • Mature weigh between 3.5 – 5.5(rooster)kg
  • Large to XL size egg around 60 – 75 g
  • Slow maturing – first egg around 8 to 9 months
  • Light/cream coloured eggs, expected to lay between 180-200 per year,
  • Broodiness – Mid to high
  • Maintenance – Low

The Orpington chicken is a heritage breed renowned for its gentle disposition, attractive appearance, and excellent egg-laying capabilities. Developed in the late 19th century in Orpington, Kent, England, by William Cook, this breed quickly gained popularity among poultry enthusiasts. Orpington chickens come in several color varieties, including black, white, buff, blue, and splash. They are known for their fluffy feathers, broad bodies, and low-slung appearance, which gives them a stately and dignified presence.

These chickens are prized for their dual-purpose qualities, meaning they are suitable for both egg production and meat. They lay brown eggs of good size and are consistent layers during season, making them a favorite among backyard flock owners and small-scale farmers.

In addition to their practical attributes, Orpingtons are also valued for their calm and docile temperament, making them excellent pets and suitable for families with children. They are known to be friendly, sociable birds that enjoy human interaction and are relatively easy to handle. They do tolerate cold climate reasonably well due to their thick plumage that provides warmth but this can also overheat during extreme heat. They can get bullied by other breeds known to be more aggressive.

Overall, the Orpington chicken is a beloved breed cherished for its beauty, productivity, and amiable nature, making it a popular choice for poultry keepers.

We have been breeding buff orpington over the years while maintaining good genetic diversity. Bloodline includes Sonya Ford, Hayden Vincent and Venessa @Chirpy Chicken Poultry. We have customers successfully exhibited our line of Orpingtons in the past years.


Please see Orpington – Open Poultry Standard Australia for more info and breed standards.

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