Belgian D’uccle Fertile egg (each)


Belgian d’Uccle is a charming bantam breed renowned for its striking appearance and friendly demeanor. Their small size and gentle disposition make them ideal for backyard flocks and urban settings. With feathered legs and feet, along with a proud stance, Belgian d’Uccles exude elegance and grace. They are active foragers and enjoy scratching around in the yard. Our current breeding group reliably produces offspring in porcelain / lavender and Millefleur.

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  • Originated from Belgian
  • Mature weight is under 700-750g
  • Fast maturing – first eggs around 6 months.
  • Small sized cream/white coloured eggs, expected to lay between 150 – 180 per year.
  • Broodiness – Low to medium
  • Maintenance – Low

The Belgian d’Uccle, also known as Barbu D’Uccle, is a charming and diminutive breed of chicken that originated in Belgium. It is renowned for its striking appearance, friendly temperament, and suitability for backyard flocks. Small chickens with big hearts, absolutely delightful breed to keep. Perfect breed for young families in urban environments due to their small size and docile temperament. They can be easily tamed with regular handling. They do very well in smaller, more urban backyards due to their size and are the perfect pets for small children. 

Belgian d’Uccles are small chickens with a round, compact body and a profusion of feathers that give them a fluffy and appealing appearance. They have heavily feathered legs and feet, which adds to their overall charm. One of the most distinctive features of the Belgian d’Uccle is its colorful plumage, particularly the Mille Fleur variety, which features a base of golden or reddish-brown feathers adorned with black crescents and white tips, resembling a “thousand flowers” in French.

In addition to their striking appearance, Belgian d’Uccles are known for their friendly and docile temperament. They are typically calm and easygoing birds that are well-suited for family settings and are often enjoyed as pets by poultry enthusiasts. They are also known to be relatively good layers of small to medium-sized eggs during season, making them a practical choice for those interested in both ornamental and productive chickens. They are relatively easy to care for and quite hardy, able to tolerate a wide range of climates. However, they can be flighty, so an enclosed pen may be ideal, especially if there are other pets or predators around. Due to their small body size, ample shelter is a must to protect them from harsh weather conditions. Additionally, pens should be designed to prevent muddy conditions, as their heavily feathered feet can be susceptible to this issue.

Our Belgian d’Uccle breeders are a mix of three different bloodlines: one from a QLD exhibitor’s lineage, another from VIC, and one rooster from our own bloodline, bred from our previous Millefluer Porcelain recessive carriers line. They have consistently produced quality offspring over the past two seasons. Our chicks have been successfully exhibited by our customers on various occasions.

Please see Belgian Bantam – Open Poultry Standard Australia for more info and breed standards.

More info found on Breeds – Belgian d’Uccle page

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