*SOLD OUT* Sexed Pullets :16 to 24 weeks old

– Our policy requires a minimum order of 2 birds to promote their well-being and facilitate smooth adjustment.

– The listed birds are currently housed together in the same pen and are familiar with each other. Polish and Pekins thrive best in a flock with similarly sized bantam breeds such as Silkies or Belgians. Adding them to a larger existing flock of bigger breeds could be too stressful for the smaller birds.

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– For local pick-up, our location is in Littlehampton, SA 5250, near Hahndorf / Mt Barker in the Adelaide Hills. We kindly request that you bring a box or crate to transport the birds home safely.

– The minimum purchase policy is in place
due to the social nature of chickens. Unlike dogs, which can rely solely on human companionship, chickens are flock animals. They thrive in groups, establishing their own pecking order and forming strong bonds within their flock. Introducing a lone chicken to an existing flock can lead to bullying and ostracism until acceptance, a process that typically takes 2 to 4 weeks and causes significant stress. Even after acceptance, the lone chicken may always be considered an outsider and struggle to develop the same level of bonding as the other chickens. Therefore, we recommend adding a minimum of 2 chickens to ensure their well-being and prevent loneliness.

– Common terms used in poultry:

  • Pullet: A female chicken under a year old.
  • Point of Lay: Typically used to describe female chickens over 16 weeks old who may not have started laying eggs yet.
  • Hen: A female laying age chicken over a year old.
  • Cockerel: A young male chicken under a year old.
  • Rooster: A mature male chicken over a year old.

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